A GEM-40 strap-on booster for a Delta II launch vehicle.

Booster (rocketry) is generally spoken with reference to the main rocket, in space technology, to provide the thrust in the initial phases of the main rocket's flight.


A booster, in space-related technology, is usually defined as the first stage of a multistage rocket, two or more which are attached to the main rocket to provide the main thrust in the initial phase of the rocket's flight. They form the first stage, though the second stage also starts operating at the beginning itself. After the first stage is discarded in flght, in space, the second stage continues.

Fuel used[]

There are also liquid fuel boosters in addition to solid fuels. (see also adjacent pic. for a booster for a Delta II launch vehicle).


Spacecraft aren't the only vehicles to utilise rocket boosters. Missiles (being atmosphere-bound rockets) often do also.

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