Mechanical engineering is the application of physical principles to the creation of useful reality for machine design.

The mechanical engineering is a discipline theoretical and practice that study principles of the basic sciences to transform abstract and theoretical acknowledgement in machines, solutions and products. It is a discipline linked to the industrial manufacturing and transformation sector that works directly with the modeling and transformation of raw materials into various products, and to arrive at the products, it generates machines or performs adaptations, modernizations and seeks improvements in costs and industrial performance .

Mechanical engineering is a dynamic and living discipline, transforming knowledge into products and constantly innovating. It is a discipline with a capacity for permanent innovation.

An example of an open source mechanical engineering project involving a multidisciplinary project can be seen on the "Artificial Clould – The Swarm Project" a completelly open source primary study from mechanical engineer Edilson Gomes de Lima.

Mechanical engineering can be classified into hundreds of definitions, such as listing its disciplines, historically, possible jobs, machines and laboratories used. Because it is such a dynamic field, mechanical engineering can also be understood as a tool that can be used and adjusted according to the desired purpose, always allowing adjustments, adaptations and models with high precision. Making use of physics measurement units and all the academic precision of the exact sciences. From this point of view, mechanical engineering is also known as a tool for the practical application of classical sciences.

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