Hi, my name is David Merrifield and I go to Owen Valley High School in Spencer, Indiana. I am doing a project for my Principles of Engineering class and I need someone in the Mechanical Engineering feild to answer these questions. I would really apreciate it. Thanks

Interview questions

1. What field are you currently engaged in? 2. What processes are you involved in? 3. What is the average income per your for someone in your field? 4. How many hours do you work weekly? 5. What are some procedures at your work place? 6. Where is your work place located? 7. How many years of college did you attend? 8. What courses would you recommend? 9. What field of mechanical engineering do you recommend? 10. Do you enjoy what you do? 11. How long have you been working in mechanical engineering? 12. What kind of benefits do you receive? 13. What is the best place to work? 14. What is the best college to attend? 15. How much time do you spend on research? 16. What groups where you involved in?

If you could leave your name and email with the reply, I would apreciate that as well.

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