Construction engineering includes such disciplines such as transportation engineering, structural engineering, municipal engineering, environmental planning, geotechnical engineering and hydrology.

Municipal engineering typically refers to infrastructure upgrades and repairs for a municipality. Examples are road constructions and re-constructions and installation of new or upgraded sewers and watermains. In Ontario, the term municipal engineering also includes land development although this is more commonly referred to as infrastructure engineering in other parts of North America. Land development is regulated by municipal and regional authorities. The developer's consulting engineer must undertake studies and ensure the development meets the design standards set by the governing bodies. A consulting engineer working in land development will be involved in several or all of the following designs: grading and earthworks, road design, site and lot servicing, drainage design, stormwater (SWM) management and erosion and sedimentation control (ESC) design. The design and approval process can be lengthy because there are many stakeholders to satisfy (e.g. conservation authorities, local authorities - fire, parks, water, development, planning and transportation departments, federal authorities - fisheries and environment).

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