January 2007Edit

We continue to welcome new contributors. Be bold!

See who's contributing : visit the WikiStats.

July 2006Edit

We have a new Job vacancies page. Let's see how it develops.

January 2006Edit

New Zealand's Engineering, Printing, and Manufacturing Union announces promising deal with Air New Zealand for retaining wide-bodied jets maintenance engineering work in the country. Members will vote; results known about 13 February.

November 2005Edit

We have 726 articles, several new contributors have appeared, and there's a proposal to create a guided tour of this wiki and tie it in with the other Wikia tours. Watch this space (or that link)!

Proposed hot titbits pageEdit

There's a suggestion for such a page. Real engineers would have to write it.

New Zealand Engineering Excellence AwardsEdit

23 November -

Downtime for conversion to MediaWiki 1.5Edit

4am Saturday 12 Nov (UTC) - 5pm in New Zealand. See - NO, it didn't work; keep hoping!

Robin Patterson 23:33, 11 Nov 2005 (UTC) - then Robin Patterson 05:43, 24 Nov 2005 (UTC)

July 2005Edit

  • 1 July 2005 - Engineering Wiki is Started.
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