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== Contents ==
== Contents ==
* 1 Significant Developments
* 2 Education
* 3 Engineering and design for space and scientific fiction
* 4 Influences
* 5 Books
* 6 Web Links
== '''Significant Developments''' ==
== '''Significant Developments''' ==

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b. Edilson Gomes de Lima Oct. 24.rd, 2019 in Mechanical Engineering

Edilson Gomes de Lima is a writer of science, technical philosophy and industrial designer, academic researcher with published works. As a science researcher, he constantly searches for innovations and inventions in the field of engineering. He is always open to collaborating with companies and industries in all segments. With knowledge in product design, manufactures, industrial processes, machine designer, industrial activist and creator of innovation. As a hobby, he often creates cartoons and speculations for space exploration.


Significant Developments

2004 – Published the book Scientific Treaties - Advanced Nanotechnology with dictionary in Portugal – Macron Books

2005 – Published a first work about the artificial telepathy as an academic local work in a mix between bioscience and telecommunication engineer

2012 – Presented in a speak his Undergraduate thesis named: The science of pyrolysis – gasification of waste to energy generation – in the same year transformed this study in a book published in Portugal.

2013 – Started a post graduated work engineer about machines movements by its parts, details and instrumentation.

2015 – Started a course on nanoscience and nanotechnology in Technion Israel.

2015 – Conducted an engineering design study for cars color using superficial nanotechnology rather than paint shops.

2015 – Conducted an engineering design for insert a tag

2016 – In Australia started a local work study on local manufactures and new manufactures industries and its potential. Generating a list of potential reindustrialization of Australia.

2016 – Started in Australia an engineering design for firefight bushfires with drones, named: “Artificial Clould – The Swarm Project”.

2017 – Started a study about nanobiotechnology a generating tissue resulting in a book launched in Portugal in 2014.

2018 – Published a study about Biohakers and a hard dystopian futuristic scenario where a biologic attack is studied, initially entitled: “What Would Be the Best "Hello World "for Biosciences? Generating. A Method for Biohacking”. This study was based in courses and works done with CRISPR and chromatography and chemistries studies.

2019 – Has begun as co-founder of the IENN institute non-profit – an amateur institution for science and engineering and industrial transformations promotion.


Edilson Gomes de Lima is an under-graduated in mechanical engineering at Ibero American around 2008, and subsequently started the conduction on some academic research in FEA analysis in material limits. He continued his studies in industries and manufactures as engineer design creating products and searching for new materials from nanotechnology. He started a post-graduation in product design and FEA analysis, focusing on manufactures technologies and industrial design. He continued his studies to pursue a PhD licence in Australia studying local manufactures. Actually, he is member and co-founder of IENN institute an amateur and non-profit research institution, where he is a member of the international Honor Society for industrial development, a merit-based award.

Engineering and design for space and scientific fiction

He has works about mechanical structures for space and a scientific fiction work, where the transhuman technologies will permit human colonization of planets in a scientific fiction dystopic scenario.

Carried out some research on space technologies academically and for its works with HQ in scientific fiction.

How to reduce errors in manufactures a study about revisions importance, time and limit of knowledges and translation documents for nationalization.

FEA for design Engineering and creating new products and what don’t exist.

He is frequently working on space colonization studies and producing cartoons and engineering designs or theories for space.


Technically, his influences include olds one and moderns scientific historic and studious personalities, such as: Marcus Aurelius, Thomas Hager, Bill Gates, Haber e Bosh, Isaac Asimov, Max Planck. Scientifically, he has cited numerous influences, particularly biological and physics Nobels. His whimsical inventions are inspired by everyday studies, principally around scientific fictions, engineering studies and amateurs experiments in his home.


A short list of your books

- Scientific treatises on advanced nanotechnology + dictionary of nanosciences - Macron Books Portugal – ISBN / CIP: 2004

- Dictionary of nanosciences and nanotechnology - Portugal – ISBN / CIP: 2004

- Nanotechnology Biotechnology and New Sciences - Interciência – ISBN / CIP: 2014

- Nanobiotechnology, Bionanotechnology - The interface between men and atoms – ISBN / CIP: 2014

- Nanotechnology and business - Portugal – ISBN / CIP: 2014

- Trench thoughts - Chronicles and timeless dialogues – ISBN / CIP: 2013

- Sophist dictatorships - – ISBN / CIP: 2015

- Lifting and transport machines – ISBN / CIP: 2005

Web Links

Edilson Gomes’s Website - Blog

Edilson Lima works


·        Significant Development

·        Education

·        Engineering design for space

·        Influences

·        Books