The Engineerfication is the process to modify an article that was copied from Wikipedia, so that it fits better on Engineering Wiki.

Material can be copied from Wikipedia wherever appropriate but must be acknowledged.

Template:Ef is used to indicate article needing Engineerfication.

There are many aspects to this task, as listed below.


There are many Engineering-related articles on Wikipedia. These articles contain statements which are unrelated to engineering. When these articles are copied to the Engineering Wiki, such statements become unnecessary and should be removed. We must also add necessary information which are absent in wikipedia.


  • Removing any non-Engineering links.
  • Adding links to more detailed Engineering information that was absent on Wikipedia.
  • Fixing any links that point to lists so that they point to the correct article—many of the list articles from Wikipedia have been broken down into their component parts. Notice that whether this is required depends on whether or not the list article has been split yet.


Main article: Engineering:Categorisation

  • Cleaning up the categories: both the removal of leftover Wikipedia categories and the addition of Engineering categories.


template:enWP is used to indicate pages copied from Wikipedia.

Template:Ef is used to indicate artical needing Engineerfication.

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