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Biggest wind power project

Giles Tremlett

Lisbon: Portugal signalled the launch of one of Europe's biggest wind-power projects on Wednesday — a move that will supply enough electricity for 750,000 homes. The contract is the equivalent to a quarter of all the wind power installed in the European Union last year. It will help cement the growing reputation of Portugal — a country importing 86 per cent of its energy needs — as a renewable energy champion. This year, it has already approved the building of the world's largest solar plant. The new wind project will rank Portugal alongside Denmark and Spain as the European countries with the highest proportion of wind energy in the national grid. It will more than double wind-power capacity in Portugal.

- Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006

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News Update Service Thursday, March 23, 2006 : 1550 Hrs

IOC partners with Russian firm for pipeline projects

New Delhi, March 23. (PTI): State refiner Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has signed an MoU with Russian construction firm Stroytransgaz (STG) for jointly pursuing pipeline projects in India and abroad.

The MoU was inked by IOC director (pipelines) A M Uplenchwar and L Bokhanovskiy, First Vice-President of STG, a company press release said here.

IOC and STG have earlier partnered in a consortium with Essar Construction Ltd for the 133-km Baroda-Ahmedabad-Kalol gas pipeline project of the Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. The two companies also jointly bid for the 300-km Iraq-Jordan crude oil pipeline project.

Speaking on the occasion, Uplenchwar said IOC was expanding its existing network of nearly 10,000 km of crude oil and petroleum product pipelines across the country by implementing major projects like the 330-km Paradip-Haldia crude oil pipeline, the 132-km Dadri-Panipat pipeline, the 112-km product pipeline from Koyali to Dahej, and the 274-km product pipeline from Koyali Refinery to Ratlam.

It also plans to implement the Chennai-Bangalore pipeline, Panipat-Jalandhar LPG pipeline, Paradip-Ranchi- Raipur pipeline, and augment the existing Mundra-Panipat crude oil pipeline, which together would cost Rs 1,500 crore, he said.

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