You can search Engineering Wiki using the search box that appears in the sidebar (or elsewhere in other skins).

To browse pages on the wiki, you can view a list of all pages or browse by category. See Special:Log/upload to search for images.

Search is not case sensitive.

Things you can use in your searchEdit

  • and (used by default)
  • or
  • not
  • parentheses - for example: (X or Y) and Z
  • quotation marks (for searching for phrases)

Things you can not use in your searchEdit

More details are available at MetaWikipedia:Help:Searching.

Create new articles from the search formEdit

If you would like an option to create a new article with the title of a word searched for, edit MediaWiki:Searchquery and MediaWiki:Nogomatch in the following way on the wiki you want this option (you will need to be an admin to make these edits):


You searched for "<a href="/wiki/$1">$1</a>" <a href="/wiki/Special:Allpages/$1">[Index]</a>


<span style="font-size: 135%; font-weight: bold; margin-left: .6em">No page with that title exists.</span>

<span style="display: block; margin: 1.5em 2em">You can <b><a href="$1" class="new">create an article with this title</a></b>.

<span style="display:block; font-size: 89%; margin-left:.2em">Please search Wikia before creating an article to avoid duplicating an existing one, which may have a different name or spelling.</span> </span>

Adding search boxes to your wikiEdit

In MediaWiki 1.5, you will be able to add a search box on any page.

Google searchEdit

The Google logo in the sidebar can be changed. There are two defaults available; one is suitable for dark backgrounds and one for light backgrounds.

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