A low quality fiberscope observing the inside of an antique clock mechanism. Note how individual fibers are discernable, as each fiber only relays one general color.

A fiberscope is a flexible fiber optic bundle with an eyepiece at one end, and a lens at the other.


It is used for inspection work, often to examine small components in tightly packed equipment, when the inspector cannot easily access the part requiring inspection.


Fiberscopes are generally used in medicine, machining, computer repair etc.


It has a wide-angle object lens. The eyepiece is occasionally connected to a camera.

Other features[]

Some fiberscopes use an additional fiber to carry light from an external source to illuminate the material being inspected, for clearer viewing. The light uses generally LEDs.


All fiberscopes introduce a certain amount of image distortion; much of this is similar to the distortion of modern night vision equipment.

Quartz fiberscopes can reach lengths of up to about 90 m (300 ft).

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