Optical engineering is the field of study that focuses on applications of optics.


Optical engineers design components of optical instruments such as lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and other equipment that utilize the properties of light.


Other devices include optical sensors and measurement systems, lasers, fiber optic communication systems, optical disc systems (e.g. CD, DVD), etc.


Since optical engineers want to design and build devices that make light do something useful, they must understand and apply the science of optics in substantial detail, in order to know what is physically possible to achieve in (physics and chemistry). However, they also must know what is practical in terms of available technology, materials, costs, design methods, etc.


With other fields of engineering, computers are important to many (perhaps most) optical engineers. Engineers often use general computer tools and they should use of specialized optical software designed specifically for their field.

Optical engineering metrology uses optical methods to measure the properties of the various masses with instruments measuring refraction.

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