Rotor usually refers to the rotating part of a machine such as a motor, generator, alternator, pump, or helicopter. The part of the machine that does not rotate is called a stator.


  • The flying part of a helicopter is a rotor.
  • In electrical engineering, the rotor of an electric motor or dynamo is an armature.
  • In automotive mechanics, the disc in a disc brake. It can also be part of a distributor.
  • Certain cipher machines, such as the German Enigma machine, made use of rotating wheels, see rotor machine in connection with these devices.
  • In radio, a rotor is an electric motor designed to turn a receiving antenna to match the direction of the received signal.

Acronyms and code names

  • The ROTOR [1] radar project, the UK's first national air defence system following the Second World War, incorporating some Chain Home radar stations.
  • Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure|Rotor [2] is the code name for Microsoft's shared source implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure.


  • SC Rotor Volgograd [3] is a Russian football club.
  • Rotor is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe Rotor (Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • THE ROTOR is the trade name for an amusment ride.
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