This is a list of scientific laws named after people (eponymous laws) [1] ). For other lists of eponyms, see eponym [2].

LawPerson(s) Named After
Amdahl's lawGene Amdahl
Ampère's lawAndré-Marie Ampère
Avogadro's lawAmedeo Avogadro
Beer-Lambert lawAugust Beer, Johann Heinrich Lambert
Bernoulli's principle
Bernoulli's equation
Daniel Bernoulli
Biot-Savart lawJean Baptiste Biot and Felix Savart
Boyle's lawRobert Boyle
Bradford's lawSamuel C. Bradford
Buys-Ballot's lawC.H.D. Buys Ballot
Church-Turing thesisAlonzo Church and Alan Turing
Coulomb's lawCharles Augustin de Coulomb
Law of Charles and Gay-Lussac (frequently called Charles's Law)Jacques Charles and Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac
Einstein's General Theory of RelativityAlbert Einstein
Faraday's law of inductionMichael Faraday
Riemann zeta functionBernhard Riemann
Riemann hypothesisBernhard Riemann
Riemann integralBernhard Riemann
Riemann lemmaBernhard Riemann
Riemannian manifoldBernhard Riemann
Riemann sphereBernhard Riemann
Riemann theta functionBernhard Riemann
Faraday's law of electrolysisMichael Faraday
Fick's law of diffusionAdolf Fick
Fourier's lawJean Baptiste Joseph Fourier
Gauss' lawJohann Carl Friedrich Gauss
Gibbs free energyWillard Gibbs
Gödel's incompleteness theoremKurt Gödel
Graham's lawThomas Graham
Henry's lawWilliam Henry
Hooke's lawRobert Hooke
Hubble's lawEdwin Hubble
Kepler's laws of planetary motionJohannes Kepler
Kirchhoff's lawsGustav Kirchhoff
Le Chatelier's principleHenri Louis le Chatelier
Metcalfe's lawRobert Metcalfe
Minkowski's theoremHermann Minkowski
Moore's lawGordon Moore
Nash embedding theoremJohn Forbes Nash
Newton's law of coolingIsaac Newton
Newton's law of gravitationIsaac Newton
Newton's laws of motionIsaac Newton
Noether's theoremEmmy Noether
Occam's RazorWilliam of Ockham
Ohm's lawGeorg Ohm
Pascal's theoremBlaise Pascal
Pareto distributionVilfredo Pareto
Pareto efficiencyVilfredo Pareto
Pareto indexVilfredo Pareto
Pareto principleVilfredo Pareto
Pauli exclusion principleWolfgang Pauli
Peano axiomsGiuseppe Peano
Planck's law of black body radiationMax Planck
Poiseuille's lawJean Louis Marie Poiseuille
Snell's lawWillebrord van Roijen Snell
Stefan-Boltzmann lawJožef Stefan and Ludwig Boltzmann
Stokes' lawGeorge Gabriel Stokes
Titius-Bode lawJohann Daniel Titius and Johann Elert Bode
Wien's lawWilhelm Wien
Zipf's lawGeorge Kingsley Zipf

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