A slurry is a sloppy mixture, which is generated in different varieties.

How generated[]

In some industries slurry is man made for disposal as a waste product of a particular dusty material for Transportation to another location by pumping.

Slurry is automatically generated in the process in industries for further processing to obtain the intermediate or end product.

In civil construction works slurry can be muddy water to be pumped out from trenches.

In civil maintenance works on sewage disposal slurry can be from the sewage tanks.

Slurry can be a special mixture used for aerial fire fighting.

Types and characteristics[]

In farming—perhaps the most well-known use—farm slurry is a mixture composed chiefly of water and animal sewage. It has a distinct odour, noticeable when the substance is carried in tankers, or spread over fields. Misapplication of farm slurry can lead to environmentally damaging emissions of ammonia and other chemicals. See fertilizer.

Slurry can be a liquid mixture (especially involving water) composed of a mixture of various insoluble matter, such as mud or plaster of paris etc. in construction sites.

A special kind of slurry consisting of approximately 1% pulp (wood fiber) and 99% water, used to make paper, is called stock in the papermaking industry.

In wildland firefighting, slurry is a term used for the fire retardant dropped on a forest fire from an aircraft. "Slurry bomber" is a colloquial term for those aircraft. See aerial firefighting.

In cooking, particularly in restaurant kitchens, slurry refers to a mixture of a thickening agent (often cornstarch) and water, as a means of dispersing the thickener into hot sauces and soups near the end of the cooking process without forming lumps.

Slurry can also refer to the mixture of coffee grounds and water in some kinds of brewing processes, such as a french press.

Method of transport[]

Slurry pipelines are a specialized method of material transport that uses pumpable slurry to move particulates from one location to another.

This method is invariably adopted for disposal of ground ash and fly ash in fossil thermal power statioins of utilities in very huge quantities.

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