A spacecraft is a vehicle that travels through space. Spacecraft include robotic or unmanned space probes as well as manned vehicles. The term is sometimes also used to describe artificial satellites, which have similar design criteria.


The term spaceship is generally applied only to spacecraft capable of transporting people.

A space suit has at times been called a miniature spacecraft or spaceship, emphasizing its purpose of keeping its wearer alive while traveling in the vacuum of outer space.

Examples of past or existing spacecraft

  • Apollo
  • Cassini-Huygens
  • Cluster
  • Deep Space 1
  • Genesis
  • International Space Station
  • Mars Exploration Rover
  • Mars Global Surveyor
  • Mars Pathfinder
  • Mir
  • Pioneer 10
  • Pioneer 11
  • Progress
  • Shuttle Buran
  • Shenzhou
  • Space Shuttle
  • SOHO
  • Soyuz spacecraft
  • SpaceShipOne
  • Stardust
  • Viking 1
  • Viking 2
  • Voskhod spacecraft
  • Vostok spacecraft
  • Voyager 1
  • Voyager 2
  • WMAP

Proposed spacecraft

  • Crew Exploration Vehicle
  • DC-X
  • Kliper

The US Space Command, according to its "Long Range Plan", is currently planning to develop a weaponized spaceship, which has yet to be announced.[1]

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