A symbol, in its basic sense, is a conventional representation of a concept or quantity; i.e., an idea, object, concept, quality, etc.

In the present article symbols used in enginnering pages so far are listed and will be updated as and when some more are used.

The symbles are shown here along with the connected web sites.

Symbols[] Xfmrair.png Air core transformer Xfmrcentertap.png Centre tap transformer Xfmrstepdown.png Step down transformer Xfmrstepup.png Step up transformer Xfmrwithtickler.png Tickler transformer Small diode symbol.png Small diode LED symbol.png Led Schottky diode symbol.png Schottky diode Tra-Xfmrair.png Resistor symbol.png 200px-Thomas Edison.jpg

This list will be updated as and when further collection is made.