DETAIL OF MAIN HYDRAULIC PUMPS- BHD ALI BHD ALI was procured/ inducted in Karachi Port Trust (Pakistan) on 06-06-2006 & started dredging on 18 -07-2006 till date. Excavator is totally dependant on 04 hydraulic pumps (P1 P2 & P3 P4) driven by Cummins engine to operate the all hydraulic functions. The main hydraulic pump of the excavator of BHD ALI has repeated problem while dredging when an abnormal sound in the pump was heard as such excavator was shut down instantly. Inspection of the high pressure filters and contamination switches of the pumps was made where fine brass particles were present similarly like the last failure of the pump. Same particles were also present in the return oil hydraulic filter of the system. The dredger is non operational till inspection and replacement of the pump. It is requested that the OEM may be consulted for their advice / opinion on the repeated failure of the pumps. The detail history of work done/ failure of these pump are as follows to find the actual cause of pump failure Dredger operational on 18-07-06 P1 P2 Hydraulic pump ( Sr No.30301190) encountered problem on (15 -12-06) when its main shaft seal was damaged and hydraulic oil leaked into the splitter box increasing the oil level of the splitter box. New spare pump from store was fitted and defected pump was repaired by the Liebherr engineer on board BHD ALI (Kept in stock on board for future use) pump running hrs 366. P1 P2 Hydraulic pump (New spare pump from store) started working on 19-12-2006. On 29-02-08 with running hrs 3048, problem occurred fine brass particles founding the hydraulic system following pump contamination alarm dredger was non operational. The pump was replaced with pump which was kept in board (Old pump) P1 P2 Hydraulic pump (Old pump Sr. No.30301190) started working on 15-3-08 with it running hrs 2660 dated 21-7-09 once again problem fine brass particles found, dredger was non operational P3 P4 Hydraulic pump (Sr. No 30354799) working since the dredger is operational dated 18-07-06 and on 25-07-08 with its running hrs 4750 problem occurred fine brass particles are found. Pump dismantled and replaced by pump procured by store) P3 P4 Hydraulic pump ( Newly procured Sr. no. 30821260) is now working with its running hrs 582 This new pump has been procured by the store department and was fitted on 26-02-09.

Excavator pumps: 2 double pumps mounted on single block Make : LIEBHERR Type : A 20 VSO Ser.No: P1,P2 - 30301190 / P3,P4 - 30354799 CNR : 10113397 Country of origin: GERMANY Year of mfg: 2005

Part No. 5618172, 5618173

Excavator: Make : LIEBHERR Type : P 994-B Ser.No: 447 14754 Country of origin: FRANCE Year of mfg: 2005

Best Regards, M. Hanif Khan Chief Engineer.