A tool is a device that most commonly provides a mechanical advantage or ease of working in accomplishing a physical task.

Some hand tools

Basic tools[]

The most basic tools are simple machines. For example, a crowbar simply functions as a lever. The further out from the pivot point, the more force is transmitted along the lever.

Most tools can also serve as weapons [1], such as the hammer and the knife [2]. Similarly, people can use weapons, such as explosives [3], as tools.

Varieties of tools[]

  • Devices often typify newly invented or specific-purpose tools.
  • Instruments are concrete or abstract tools, especially if they are refined.
  • Machines can function as ordered systems of tools or as super-tools.

Physical tools[]

  • Hand tools such as pliers, adze, or axe
  • Agricultural [4] tools such as scythe [5] or sickle
  • Power tools as drill or wood router
  • Machine tools such as lathe, milling machine or shaping machine etc., and also with latest technoque of ...........
  • Hydraulic tools such as the Hurst tool or hydraulic ram
  • Heat-based tools such as soldering iron, welding torch and thermic lance
  • Special use tools such as Buggy whip [6] or whetstone [7]
  • Multitools such as Swiss Army knife or Leatherman

Cognitive tools[]

In computing, the term tools can also apply to software programs that assist people doing work on computers, such as Computer Aided Software Engineering tools, Lint programming tool, software or web-based collaborative tools, software development tools, programming tools.

Basic functions of tools[]

Many tools or groups of tools serve to perform one or more of a set of basic operations, such as:

  • Cutting (knife, scythe, sickle, ...)
  • Concentrating force (hammer, maul, screwdriver, whip, writing implements, ...)
  • Guiding (set square, algorithm, straight edge, tradition, ...)
  • Protecting
  • Seizing and holding (pliers, glove, wrench, ...)


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