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Academic and professional qualifications

I am a 1946 graduate of Electrical Engineering of the University Of Mysore, located at Bangalore, the only one of its kind in the whole of Mysore Princely State at that time. There were only Three desciplines those days, Civil, Mechnical and Electrical.

Professional References

                 Name   M.C.Doreswamy
             Institute of Engineers(India).
                FELLOW No 006848/5
              Institute of Valuers,New Delhi,India,
                FELLOW No F-4780
              WAS: Govt of India Valuer for Power 
                Plant and machinery
              Tamil Nadu(India)Govt.Electrical 
                Supervisors Certificate holder

Extra curricular activities:

A Sportsman during College days.

During the University course, was an active Quit India Movement worker under Indian National Congress and was also imprisoned once at Bangalore Central Jail.

Piloted Railway locomotive for crude oil wagons from Refinery to keep the Powerhouse running during all India Railway strike.

Professional working

The author, during his period of professional working had the responsibility to operate and maintain the power generation, connected with units of 1000KW to 200MW units in India, of various manufacturers, particlarly GE and BHEL. The problems mainly were at a period when computerization and specialists in various fields were not available. Hence the reliability and the maintenance of Continuity of Power Generation were mainly in the hands of Operating and maintenance staff connected with the plant and their skill in handling the power generating units. For traning of operators, simulators were also not available.

During my working, in the last 50 years, 1946 onwards, worked as power station engineer in Madras Electricity Department for a short time and Gujarat Electricity Board for a major time and retiring there on, as Chief Engineer (Operation). There after worked as consulting Engineer in reputed organizations such as Tata Consulting Engineers and Tata Projects Ltd., and there on in Ficthtners consulting Engineers,in India.

Also worked for three years as Chief Trainee Officer at a Power Station with 4x220MW units.

The points brought out in the write up are purely based on my memory only, (at 83+).

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